Tel. Hut ++ 41 (0) 91 827 12 71


Beds: 40 - 2 rooms 6 beds - 1 room 12 beds - beds with duvets and blankets

2 services Shower for a fee

Games for children

Dogs welcome: in agreement with the guardian

Mandatory sleeping bag  

The hut is located in the pine forest above the mountain of the same name, and at the foot of the Corno di Gesero. It was the first hut of the UTOE. Initially it was higher up in the area called La Bisa but in 1945 it was moved to its present location and placed in a wooden military building.

You can reach it either on foot, from different paths, or by car.

The hut is the point of arrival and departure for beautiful excursions in the area, but also for those who want to go up to enjoy a good lunch or dinner with a wonderful panorama on the valley floor.

Altitude 1,774 meters, location: Arbedo Valley

Beds: 40

In the presence of the managers it is not possible to prepare meals.                


The guardian 

Foto Pino Brioschi

The philosophy behind the hut kitchen is strictly:

  • Raw materials at km 0 •
  • Products of own production •
  • Various culinary proposals in harmony with the seasons
  • Excellent value for money
  • Among the most widespread and important dishes of our gastronomic repertoire we find polenta, risottos, braised meats, local meats, regional cold cuts, tasty salads, the breaded Nico and the famous ricotta gnocchi and nettles. Do not miss the pasta and bread of the house, fresh vegetables and homemade cakes without forgetting the various desserts, vegetarian and vegan cuisine

In the absence of the capannara, the guest must provide food, (drinks are available) and leave everything clean and in perfect order, returning their waste to the valley. Thanks